Romeo Bremmer, aged 11
How It All Began...
Romeo Bremmer is the 11 year old Award-Winning inspiration behind Young LIT Stars! He wrote his first book at the age of 7 following his mother's heart attack in 2015 and won a TruLittle Hero Award in 2016. To date he has written 3 books, his most recent, Hey, Black Boy! received a 2018 TruLittle Hero Award.
Romeo has just completed  2 exciting titles: 'Romeo's Guide to Free London for Children' which are being published this year and is currently working on his latest project: 'Discovering Hackney'.
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Brianna-Kayla Lynch, aged 10
Brianna-Kayla wants to be a Paediatric Nurse
 Brianna-Kayla Marie Lynch is 10 years old, and this is her rst venture in book publishing. She is excited about seeing her work in print. Her favourite author is Jacqueline Wilson and Best Friends is her favourite book. Brianna loves gymnastics, dancing, singing in church and playing with her cousins. She wants to be a nurse when she is older, because she loves looking after and helping people. Brianna wants to specialise in paediatrics.   

Kriston & Kristoff Baker, aged 12
The Twins were born in the Bahamas
Kriston and Kristoff Baker are 12 year old twins who were born in the Bahamas and live in south London.  Kriston is the eldest, enjoys technology and writes a Blog about God, Superheroes and spies. He wants to join the Royal marines when he is older.
Kristoff loves building things with wood, table tennis, football and rugby. When he is older, he wants to help his dad in his Barber Shop. They hope that their colouring book will help young children know more about the parables and Jesus.  The boys
have been Christians for 4 years and were baptised in 2017.

Jacob Udeh, aged 8
Jacob was keen to write his own book
Jacob Udeh is 8 years old and lives in North London. He was keen to write his own book and as a seasoned traveller to Jamaica (3 times) he was the ideal choice to pen our first book in our Caribbean Delight Series which shines a spotlight on different Caribbean islands, the first being Jamaica. His first visit to Jamaica was when he was five years old and he has spent time on the island as a ‘tourist’, climbing Dunns River Falls with his dad aged 6 and swimming with the dolphins in Dolphin Cove.    

 Nia Lekuwa, aged 13
Nia is Captain of the football team 
 Nia Lekuwa is 13 years old and lives in north east London. She is a keen sportswoman and has won gold medals in the 100 metre sprint, 400 metres, 600 metres, long jump and relay. She is Captain of her school’s football team and plays netball and rugby.  Nia has won awards for her writing and writes and performs raps. She spent four weeks holidaying in Jamaica in 2018 and loved the experience. Her favourite was visiting her great grandparents house in the parish of Saint Anns. She enjoyed working with Jacob on this book project which has inspired her to start writing her debut novel.    

Shamarie Fletcher, aged 12
Shamari practices his moves 7 hours a week.
Shamari Fletcher is 13 years old and wants to be a boxer and chef when he is older. He practices his boxing moves on his punch bag daily and his favourite meal is Pasta Bake but prefers to cook chicken. He has created a speciality dish called ‘Shamari’s Special.’
Shamari is part of a Dance Group and has won over 35 awards, he practices his street dance moves on average 7 hours a week. His favourite music artist is Swarmz, he loves playing Fortnite and school subjects Food Technology
and Art.
Dean Okai Jr., aged 12
Dean has his own business called Draw World
Dean Okai Jr. is 12 years old and is a talented entrepeneur who has his own business 'Draw World' where he is commisioned to create designs which he sells for a profit. He is a prolific public speaker and is home schooled. Dean loves cats and lives with two  at home. 
Isaiah Jamal, aged 10
Isaiah has won awards for being kind.
 Isaiah Jamal is 1o years old and wants to be a professional athlete when he is older. He is a fan of Usain Bolt and is the 3rd fastest runner in his school.  He enjoys rapping, drawing,  playing video games and public speaking.  He is a member of his local football club and has won awards for being kind and sportsmanship. Isaiah also enjoys  doing presentations in his church.    

Ziah Anderson, aged 11
Ziah is crazy about Unicorns
Ziah Anderson is 11 years old and loves hair, fashion and animals. She wants to be a singer and dancer when she is older. Her favourite music artist is Taylor Swift and she enjoys travelling and outdoor play. She is crazy about unicorns and headbands and has a collection of over 100 unicorn items.  Her favourite subjects at school are P.E. and English.
Renell Sergeant, aged 9
Renell loves clothes and fashion.
Renell Sergeant is 9 years old and wants to be a hairdresser when she is older. She already practices on her own and other people’s hair. And loves clothes and fashion.
She is a fan of YouTubers:'Megan and Morgan', The McCkure Twns' and 'The Johnson Family' and loves "Beyoncè', 'Little Mix', 'Bruno Mars' and 'Stormzy.'  She is a fan of 'Black-ish', 'Ravens Home' and loves the movie 'Daddy Day Care' and  is good at running  and has also experimented in street dance and ballet.

Erin Outar Gayle, Aged 11
Erin is an aspiring artist and animator
 12 year old Erin Gayle was born in the UK but has spent a lot of time in Jamaica. She is an aspiring artist and animator who is working on art, comics and novels that inspire young people.    
Paige Graham, Aged 13
Paige wants to be a television actress
 Paige Graham is 13 years old and lives in north London. She loves to perform, and wants to be a television actress like her favourite model and film star, Zandaya. Paige is pursuing her dreams by training at two popular children’s theatres. She enjoys making desserts, especially eating the flamboyant creations at Creams dessert café. Paige also loves travelling, swimming and going to the cinema.