It's A Family Affair

Juliet Coley
Juliet is a  Senior Deputy Headteacher with a love for young people and a passion for learning. She is an advocate of active Citizenship and has created Award-Winning Campaigns that have empowered young people to make a change in their local  communities.  She recently won the 2018 Haringey Council Outstanding for All Councillor Egan Award which recognises the exceptional work and achievement within the field of education.
She is the chief  trustee for a National anti-knife crime charity,
a school governer and a GCSE exam marker.

Through Young LIT Stars she writes, coordinates and delivers free writing workshops and sources the talent, links the work and publishes child authors as a way of empowering young people. She is also a published author and recently released a memoir of her life as a senior leader in education. 

Bailey McKenzie

Bailey is a Director of Young LIT Stars and ​coordinates the overall strategy with Juliet.
He is responsible for distribution and the sales of our products to bookshops, libraries, schools and at our book stall which attends events all around the UK.
He is committed to supporting  young     
BME writers in order to motivate and boost their confidence and self-esteem. 
​Reading from an early age triggered Bailey’s sense of adventure and imagination. At 18, following a series of unwise choices, reading became a compulsory part of his diet, as other forms of leisure were very limited. He read over 100 books in six months, which inspired him to work with and support others in creating their own.

Yazmin McKenzie
 Yazmin a Director and one of the leads for delivering the writing workshops and she also coordinates the Book Signing Events and Book Launches. She is the in house photographer and has captures all the photographic images
for all the books.
A talented PR Executive who has been nominated for awards, coordinates Press, Interviews and Social Media and contributes to the aestetics of the design to ensure each publication that is produced stands out on the shelves of bookshops.